Monday, April 29, 2013

What Happened to all the INDIANS?

You know what? Time flies.....

I'm saying that to say that I've been doing this music thing for over 20+years now and I'm realizing that I'm becoming one of the "older" guys now, LOL...  I remember when I was the "up-and-coming" young musician... Now I'm referred to as "Uncle" and/or "Big Bro" LOL!!!

What an adjustment, smh...

Well, I've slowed down on production work significantly to adjust my personal life.. you know.. Marriage, New House, Job Promotion...  It gets hard to balance it all so sometimes you have to press the RESET button and start over.

Being an artist, producer & songwriter in this new age is almost discouraging.  Nothing against social networking, but it has allowed a lot of newcomers to blossom overnight.  The ones who've been working before the social networking "bubble" came are now almost like dinosaurs...smh.

I say all that to say, it's tough to stay relevant IF you don't know who you are.  Thankfully, I know who I am and what I possess. BUT it can be difficult, cause you can get tempted to "cave in" and "compromise" to fit in today's norm, but you must stand strong and believe that your time is coming and when it comes you will "rise to the occassion."

These days you must learn to encourage yourself, cause if you're waiting for others to do probably won't happen, LOL...  The other day I said to myself, "Why does everyone wants to be the CHIEF? What happened to all the INDIANS?"


It's a tough reality nowadays, that everyone wants to be in the front of the stage and totally bypass the back of the stage.  Like I said before I am glad that I know who I am, but there are a lot of people out here who don't know who they are.  Many people think they're supposed to be the CHIEF, but actually they might be most effective as the INDIAN.

What's wrong with being the INDIAN? What would this world be if it was filled with a bunch of CHIEFS? Smh, it would be totally INSANE and CHAOTIC I think...

Well, I encourage you today to evaluate yourself, look in the mirror... take the time to ask yourself...

"What am I... a CHIEF or am I an INDIAN???"

Now, you have to be honest with yourself... don't rush it...take your time and when you finally figure it out, GO FULL STEAM AHEAD and be who you are destined to be.  You'd be surprise how much of an effect you can make if you operate in the area of your strengths instead of the area of your weaknesses.

Until then... Peace!

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