Monday, August 5, 2013

Establishing Your Sound/Formula

Being a professional musician & producer in this music industry for more than 15yrs requires a lot of guts and "stick-to-it-tiveness." I've learned so much through observing other professionals and industry greats and its helped me to establish my own sound and formula.

Well, it's tough to establish your own sound and create your formula. Reason is that for many, it's convenient just to become a "carbon copy" of another successful musician or producer and its tougher to do the necessary ground work to develop your own thing. 

So what do you do with a music industry that has a lot of "carbon copies" and not too many "originals"????  

You continue to create... That's my answer. You continue to push past the unfamiliar and experiment with your sound until something breaks through.

Quincy Jones, David Foster, Timbaland, Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis, Teddy Riley & Harvey Mason are some of my favorite producer/musicians.

I've been able to gleam from their work and learn to establish my own formula. It's an ever-evolving process to establish your sound, because you can not stop learning and gleaming from industry greats such as these guys... 

So, all I'm saying is... Don't just shoot to just be a "carbon copy"... Learn to become an original.


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